Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday Bangalore

Whoever said a family day out in Bangalore had to be boring! Instead of the usual trip to the zoo, shops or out for dinner, why not join us for a fun-filled day?

Come and join Chairman’s Jade Club & Resort, as we celebrate a day completely dedicated to friends and family. A big part of the family outing is making sure that youngsters are having an amusing time. With so much to do in Chairman’s Jade, there is no chance of hearing the cry: “Mommy, I’m bored!” have a giggle and spend some quality time together – encourage the little ones and capture the sweet memories.

Relax in our large pool or take a nap in one of our hammocks…

Each week we have different games for all to join like football, volleyball, basketball, gully cricket, and many more. Begin your weekend with a whole host of activities. Held as a part of the Sunday event weekend line-up; events offer a unique blend of activities for young and old alike.

Sundays at Chairman’s have jammed with fun lovers, bouncing with hundreds of fun-filled events, from splashing around in the pool, to a great choice of cuisines. Enjoy outdoor activities that we can adjust to your abilities and even cater for 5+ aged kiddies. Come for a few hours of enjoyment or stretch to a long weekend, we have packages to suit all needs!

Stretch the boundaries and try something different!

Instead of doing the same old thing over and over, why not get a group of your friends and family for some outdoor quest action. Our mission is to help you, we are firm believers that introducing kids to a variety of activities will keep their imaginations alive and alert. Our activities help them to grow up with lots of healthy interests and activities.


If you are looking for a great day out with kids or family; try Chairman’s Jade – which brings you a huge range of choices for family leisure time. We offer good comprehensive packages on day outs, you will be spoilt for choices when look at what’s on the food menu or on the attraction menu. Whether it’s a wet afternoon, a family weekend or a long school holidays, whenever the time, the weather or your budget.

You may want to try a new sport, a game of pool, or picnic and have a go in the adventure play area or fitness trail. We guarantee, you will have one of the most relaxing day in our Sunday Funday event.

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